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The Routine

Loopz integrates the apps in your workflow
so you have more time to focus on your business.

your apps

You Have Great Apps

But they're not all integrated.

On top of running your business, you probably spend multiple hours on manipulating and transferring data from one app to another and initiating workflows, repeatedly.


Loopz Can Help

Loopz identifies the areas where your workflow will benefit from automation and automates the missing steps in your workflow.

Loopz automates your routine tasks to free up time for what really matters: your business.


Who is loopz?

Loopz is a company located in Belgium.

Having over 15 years of IT experience and having implemented various kinds of automation, loopz can deliver automations that work for you.


Problem solver. A passion for automation.


How To Start?


First Chat

You tell me everything about your actual workflow.


Identify Opportunities

Together we identify areas that benefit most from automation as well as some low hanging fruit.


Define Scope and Time

You decide if and when you're ready to start automating your workflow.


We Deliver

Loopz automates your workflow in cycles, with feedback moments in between.

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