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manual work

You Use A
Variety Of Apps

Unfortunately, your apps don't always blend.

Your actual workflow probably requires manual actions or manipulations to move data from one app to another.

These manual interventions form a critical stage in your workflow as they're prone to error and often time-consuming.


Let's Overcome The Hurdles

Several good automation platforms exist, which all aim to reduce or even eliminate these manual efforts of trying to make your apps work together.



Perhaps the most advanced automation platform is Make, you could call it the glue of the internet.


Loopz Automates Your Workflow

Loopz is a registered Make partner and can automate your workflow in Make.

Do you prefer to automate your workflow yourself but need some assistance? Loopz can help!

You want your own app on the Make platform?
Loopz can help too!


Example Automations

These are some example automations.



- fetch invoices of last month per retailer, from your invoice platform

- calculate the total commission per retailer

- send every retailer his total earned commission by email


When closing a sale:

- create a PDF document based on a template and customer data

- send the PDF by email



- upload documents to your accountants' portal

- archive those documents locally

- send your accountant a summary by email


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